Turnkey Data Center

Serban implements efficient data center projects at international standards. With its efficient use of resources, advanced technologies and partner companies, it offers end-to-end solutions for your data center project and provides comprehensive services from feasibility studies to project management, from design to implementation.


Technology Oriented
Critical Facilities

Serban manages its construction and contracting activities, that started in 2014, in accordance with world standards, based on high customer satisfaction, and makes a difference by providing services based on modern technology at every stage. The critical facilities it has upgraded for reputable organizations stand out with their superior quality, efficiency and functionality.


Hotel, Residence and Office Projects

Adopting the concept of the right project, at the right place, at the right time, since the day it was founded, Serban has determined its fields of activity within the framework of this business understanding. In addition, knowing that reaching the best is possible through continuous self-renewal, it implements functional projects. Serban continues to make a difference by transferring its experience to hotel, residence and office projects.



The project was planned and completed, it manages the entire project process clearly and provides full-scale, rational solutions by determining your basic needs.


Turn your projects into a prestigious and profitable investment with safe, aesthetic and original designs.


Serban works with a functional and rational management principle with its knowledge and qualified staff.


Serban builds modern, sustainable, and permanent structures by making a difference in the sector with the quality service it provides in project and application areas.